St. Andrew and St Mary, Stoke Rochford

Stoke Rochford Church

St. Andrew and St. Mary, Stoke Rochford, is one of the most beautiful Churches in Lincolnshire, and serves both the parishes of Stoke and Easton. The patron of the Church, was originally St Mary, and the village was referred to as South Stoke. The parish of North Stoke was removed in 1843, and the Church was rededicated to St Andrew and St. Mary. The Church is a stones throw away from Stoke Rochford Hall, a hotel and conference centre which was designed by William Burn in 1845. It was here that the plans were laid out for the disastrous Operation Market Garden, in 1944. Every year, members of the 2nd Battalion of the Parachute regiment, meet at our church to celebrate their achievements, and the service men and women that have been wounded or lost.

 The interior of Stoke Rochford Church

The presence of Stoke Rochford, has created a natural partnership between the Church and the Hall. Many people who book their wedding receptions at the hall, also book their wedding ceremony at the Church. We believe that there is a powerful significance in choosing a Church wedding, over a civil ceremony, as the blessing of the Church still adds weight to the relationship, and places God at its centre.

We must also, not under estimate the significance of the tradition of Christian weddings in this country. Church weddings existed long before civil weddings were even possible. They are beautiful occasions, and are part of the fabric of our English heritage.

The worship of the Church reflects the traditions of its rural setting. Services are held twice a month, and consist of Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion, and Matins. A remarkable Harvest event is held in the Autumn, with an impressive barn supper and dance, on a local farm. Before Christmas, the Annual Christingle service draws many people from neighbouring villages, and the building is used freely for concerts, and other events. The church also celebrates the annual festival of All Souls, with a celebration of remembrance of the Souls of the Faithful Departed. This is an opportunity for people to spend time recalling those whom they have lost, and wish to remember before God.

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