St. James, Skillington

St James, Skillington

St James, Skillington is a 13th century building, that contains some 11th century masonry. The church has a wonderful tower, and it's bells are popular with bell ringers from around the country.

In 1859-1865, the Rector was a skilled mountaineer, called Charles Hudson. In 1865, he made a successful attempt to climb the Matterhorn. This heroic expedition was made without the benefits of modern equipment, and sadly, Hudson was killed on the descent. The fifth bell, and two stained glass windows, were purchased in memory of him.

The Church serves a rural population of around 400 people, and shares good relations with the Skillington Methodist Chapel. The Church has suffered, like all rural parishes, with a declining congregation. There has been, however, something of a revival of interest in the last twelve months. This has resulted in the establishing of a Messy Church, which meets once a month at the village centre. The Church still manages to pull good congregations for key services, at Harvest and Christmas, and it is our hope that more support will ensure the building's future survival and growth.

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