St Guthlac's Little Ponton

The Paish Church of St Guthlac, Little Ponton

Our beautiful medieval church serves the small village of Little Ponton which has the appearance of a tiny, isolated hamlet. A complete stranger to the village would be surprised to hear that they could walk to Grantham in less than half an hour.

Our monthly Holy Communion service has a small congregation holding fast to the traditional 1662 prayer book pattern. The church also provides lively Harvest, and Christmas carol services, which attract many people from the local farms and villages.

A newcomer entering the church for the first time is immediately struck by the warm homeliness of the building. It has chairs, rather than pews, which provide a flexible space for worship and other events.

Our diminishing congregation is a sad reminder of how the world is changing. However, our church remains a wonderful monument to the Christian Gospel, and a remarkable and beautiful venue for special occasions such as baptisms and weddings.