Holy Cross, Great Ponton

The Church of Holy Cross, Great Ponton, was built in the 13th century, and is an example of fine Gothic architecture. The 80ft tower, was built in 1519 by Anthony Ellys. He was also responsible for its neighbouring house, Ellys Manor, which is a genuine English treasure, with its beautiful Renaissance wall paintings.

At the top of the tower, there is a distinct, gold weather vane.This is a copy of one donated by a 17th century musician, who played his fiddle for the Great Ponton villagers. He did this to raise money for his passage to America, and when he made his fortune in the New World; he donated the weather vane to the people of Great Ponton, to express his appreciation.

The traditions of the Church are in a state of flux. The congregation maintain a commitment to the Book of Common Prayer, the foundation of Anglican worship. The annual plough service, harvest service, and carol service, are also reasonably well attended. The community, however, is no longer what it was, and seems increasingly isolated from the language, symbolism and moral understanding of traditional Christianity. The congregation of Holy Cross, are now working hard to build bridges in that relationship between Church and people. A small congregation, and limited finances, has meant that it is difficult to prevent the natural deterioration of the building.

Stepping inside, however, one gets a sense that this Church has tremendous potential for culture and spirituality.? On the South?East end?of the nave, there is a wonderful window which shows Christ as the Good Shepherd, seeking out the lost sheep. It is in front of this window, that one can reflect on the ministry of the Church, and the grace of God, who never abandons anybody.

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